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Eggs are pretty much nature’s perfect food and the most all-round nutritious 'brain snack' we can give our school kids.

Isabelo, with the generous support of Franschhoek based winery, Black Elephant Vintners together with The Farm Lab, are currently able to feed anywhere between 1500-3000 school kids with a [hard boiled] egg, once a week which the kids eat as their mid morning snack.


Can you help us to at least double that? 

Just R30 (or EUR 1.70) will enable us to purchase a dozen more of the best quality, free range, pastured eggs from our friends at The Farm Lab organic farm - but any amount would be appreciated to reach our goal to give all the kids at least two eggs per week.  

You can either donate via Credit card, Direct Bank Transfer or Snapscan via the DONATE page (PLEASE make sure you enter 'EGG' and your name as reference so we know where to direct the funds and who has shown support!)   

Thank you for making a difference x

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