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In early 2022 Isabelo were really excited to be approached by the Help2Read organisation (and their partners YeBo), non-profits focused on literacy development and community strengthening through education and youth promotion. After-school reading programmes have been implemented across various schools in Franschhoek but the kids - who often arrive hungry after a long school day - need a healthy warm meal if they are going to get the most out of the extra learning opportunity. 

That's where we come in. Funds have been made available to Isabelo to allow us to step in and provide this really important meal service to +/- 1000 kids, Mon-Thurs over 4 schools.

How is the programme delivered? 

The programme is delivered in partnership with NGOs who support the schools and the YeBoneers. Annually YearBeyond (YeBo) puts out a call to invite NGOs to become implementing partners. The implementing partner (Help2Read) provides mentoring support to the YeBoneers.  

How are schools selected for participation? 

Annually YeBo puts out a call to invite schools to become part of the programme. The programme requires schools to work in geographic clusters. Schools that apply as groups, therefore, have a higher chance of securing the programme. 


What does YeBoneers do in schools? 

YeBoneers work as tutors that provide numeracy and literacy support to Grade 3 and 4 learners in low- and no-fee schools.  They are deployed to schools for 10 months, from February to November, and work a minimum 40-hour work week. 

The support is designed as a catch-up intervention to assist learners (achieving codes 2 to 4) in closing their foundational literacy and numeracy gaps and reaching Grade level. Goals include improving academic outcomes, progression rates and non-academic outcomes, and reducing dropout rates. 

The programme runs from Monday to Thursday (YeBoneers are typically on-site from 8h00 to 16h00). On a Friday they do not go to school but rather meet their mentor for reflection and training. 

During the school day, YeBoneers assist in classrooms by conducting one-on-one paired reading with learners and providing teacher support.  

After formal school hours, YeBoneers deliver a structured maths and literacy academic programme (2-hour programme: 45 minutes numeracy; 45 minutes literacy; 20 minutes homework and 10 minutes administration). Each volunteer works with a total of 20 learners, 10 learners per volunteer twice a week (1:10 YeBoneer to learner ratio). The maths and literacy curriculum is based on learner needs, as opposed to their Grade level curriculum. Learners are grouped based on ability and are then provided with appropriate materials. The programme is delivered in the language of learning and teaching of the school in Grade 4 (English or Afrikaans). 

The learners all receive a meal from Isabelo when attending the Afterschool sessions. 


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