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Isabelo and the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic: if there was ever a time for finding versatility and strength within us, this is it.

 At the start of the 2019 pandemic Isabelo turned our resources and skills into supporting the newly formed effort 'Together Franschhoek'


This team and a group of awesome volunteers initially started production for a food distribution initiative providing weekly food packs for impoverished families and elderly folk in the area.  They have now turned their focus to the supply and prep of produce for 14 local community food kitchens, at which hundreds of hungry mouths arrive every, single day.  

Isabelo donated all outstanding school food reserves, and chef Margot herself, along with other prominent local chefs, proceeded to help to prep, cook and mobilise the food packs and for the food kitchens each week at Chris Erasmus's Foliage Restaurant,  amongst others. The team have been working tirelessly ever since April 2020 as they seek to help the community to become self sustainable.



The initiative desperately needs funding, as well as food supplies and equipment.  If you would like to

donate funds, please do so through the Isabelo donation channels. Otherwise contact

Many, many thanks for making a difference. Stay safe xxx

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