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Isabelo is proudly supporting Denilson Dirks, an aspiring young chef from humble beginnings in Franschhoek, to further his hospitality training in Europe.  Ultimately he dreams of becoming a top Chef.


But we need your help too!

Hear Denilson's story... 

The Story 

Isabelo aims to support as many previously disadvantaged children as possible in the Franschhoek valley, namely by providing healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to primary school kids to aid in their learning.  But when it comes to furthering their education in the hospitality and food sector, Margot, for obvious reasons, takes a particular interest!  

Denilson caught Margot's eye whilst he was studying at the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy and his gentle but determined nature struck a chord. He has worked his way up the ladder tirelessly, from very humble beginnings, and his hard work at the Academy finally paid off - he was recently offered a bursary to study further to become a Chef at the world famous International College of Tourism and Management in Vienna, Austria. 

The bursary only covers his tuition and lodging however; there are plenty of other expenses involved if he's going to be able to accept the bursary - like the Austrian visa fee, long haul flights to Europe, a laptop, warm clothes for the Austrian winter and some spending money until he can start working in the college holidays to earn his keep.  

He has been working in the kitchen with esteemed Franschhoek chef Richard Castens at Arkeste Restaurant the past few months to start saving, but Isabelo has vouched to help him raise the extra funds needed to send him on his way.

The Goal: R80,000

Please help us to help Denilson to fulfil his dream of becoming a top Chef. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a difference - thank you!


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